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Nature, culture & fun.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, situated in a vast valley dissected by the mountain stream Boite, is surrounded by vast meadows and forests, which go on until reaching the mountain slopes. The Ampezzan valley is in fact located in a natural amphitheatre. It is an open-air area but is protected from wild winds thanks to the natural wall of Pomagagnon (north of Cortina).
Cortina extends itself from the Falzarego pass to the Tre Croci pass and it is surrounded by the most beautiful group of eastern mountains: Sorapiss, Antelao, Croda da Lago, Tofane, Croda Rossa and Cristallo, which make up a very romantic scene with their forests, colourful scenery and long daylight hours.
Cortina boasts a rich history and attracts tourists from all over the world for its breathtaking mountain views, its cultural and sport activities, its elegant shops and the quality service offered by its restaurants and hotels.
The forests, meadows and natural territory of the Ampezzan Valley has kept itself preserved in such beautiful conditions until now thanks to the Ampezzan Rules; a historic institution which has been taking care of the valley in these last thousand years. Many families nowadays enjoy many privileges and have the right to use and take care of the ampezzan territory

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For our visitors and clients we have put up a gallery with some of the photos of the most suggestive sights of Cortina and its surroundings. All taken and gathered by us! We hope you like them and that they motivate you to visit our city.